Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay is located in the eastern part in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin USA Location

Green Bay is the third largest city in the state of Wisconsin with a population of 104,057 residents (2010).

About Green Bay

Green Bay is the home of the NFL team the Green Bay Packers. It is the smallest city to host a NFL team. The city has large paper and shipping industries. The managed health care company "Humana" is the city's largest employer. Green Bay was settled in 1634 and is one of the oldest settlements in America and it is the oldest city in Wisconsin.

To See And To Do In Green Bay

Botanical Garden

National Railroad Museum

Bay Beach Amusement Park

Neville Public Museum

Triangle Sports Area

Lambeau Field




Foxy Lady Sightseeing Cruises

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Bay Park Square Mall

Paker City Antiques

Cofrin Memorial Arboretum

Captain's Walk Winery

Heritage Hill State Historical Park

History Of Green Bay

In 1634, the french explorer Jean Nicolet established a trading post and he became the first European to explore what would become Green Bay. More explorers, fur trappers and traders now arrived. In 1671, a Jesuit mission was established.

In 1717, a fort was built. In 1745, Charles Langlade and his father established a trading post. A smaller French settlement was now established. In 1754, Green Bay was incorporated as a town. In 1763, many of the French settlers in the area were driven out by the English. In 1776, the Tank Cottage was built.

In 1816, the fortification Fort Howard was built and government fur trade factories were established. In 1817, the first school opened. In 1821, the first post office was established. In 1823, the first Catholic Church was founded. In 1833, the first newspaper in Green Bay, the Green Bay Intelligencer, was published. In 1835, a bank opened. In 1837, the Hazelwood Historic House Museum was built and the hotel Astor House was constructed. In 1850, many immigrants from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, and Netherlands now arrived to work, to farm and to build houses.

In 1854, the town was incorporated as a city and William C. E. Thomas became the first mayor of Green Bay. In 1856, the first public school opened. In 1860, the Green Bay East High School was established In 1862, the railroad arrived. In 1866, the daily newspaper the Green Bay Press-Gazette was founded and the Rahr Brewery started. In 1881, the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral was completed. In 1884, the telephone was working in the city. In 1892, the Bay Beach Amusement Park opened. In 1894, Green Bay had streetcars.

In 1900, over 23,700 people were living in the city and the Rasmussen College was established. In 1911, 15,000 people welcomed President Taft when he visited the city. In 1912, the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College was established. In 1919, Curly Lambeau and John Calhoun formed the NFL team the Green Bay Packers. In 1924, the Hotel Northland opened. In 1925, the City Stadium opened. In 1938, Mayor Farrell shot himself. In 1956, the National Railroad Museum was founded. In 1957, the Lambeau Field stadium opened. In 1965, the University of Wisconsin Green Bay was established. In 1967, the Green Bay Packers won their first Superbowl game. In 1980, the Bay Park Square shopping center was built. In 1996, the Green Bay Botanical Garden opened. In 2002, the multi-purpose arena, the Resch Center, opened.

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