West Valley City, Utah

West Valley City is located in the north-central part in the state of Utah.

Utah USA Location

West Valley City is the second largest city in the state of Utah with a population of 131,942 residents (2011).

About West Valley City

The Crossroads of the West. West Valley City was named for its location in west Salt Lake Valley and is located just 15 minutes southwest of downtown Salt Lake City and is a suburb of Salt Lake City. You will find the Maverik Center here which served as the main venue for the ice hockey events during the 2002 Winter Olympics. West Valley City is a diverse community and about 45% of the residents are immigrants. The city has many parks, 2 golf cources, and here you will find various ethic dishes and shop authenic Native American items.

To See And To Do In West Valley City

The Maverik Center

Native American Trading Post

The Utah Cultural Celebration Center

The Family Fitness Center

Hale Centre Theatre

Valley Fair Shopping Center

History Of West Valley City

In 1776, Silvestre Vélez de Escalante from Spain was the first European to explore the area. In 1824, a man named John Chugg visited the area. In 1843 and 1845, the U.S. Army officer John C. Frémont explored the area. In 1846, the Donner Party, a group of 87 American pioneers, traveled through the area. In 1848, Joseph and Susanna Harker came to West Valley City and established the first settlement. In 1849, Dan Jones, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saintst, came to the site and seven families now lived in the area. In 1853, a fort with thick walls of rock was built to protect the settlers against Indian attacks.

In 1918, the first paved street was build. In 1930, about 1000 people lived in what is now West Valley City. In 1958, the first bank opened and the high school Granger opened. In 1964, the Valley West Hospital opened. In 1970, the Valley Fair Shopping Center opened. In 1975, Ted Bundy was arrested in West Valley City. In 1980, West Valley City was incorporated. In 1997, E Center, now Maverik Center, opened. In 2002, the Maverik Center was the official venue for men's and women's ice hockey during the Olympic Winter Games.

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