Provo City, Utah

Provo City is located in the north-central part in the state of Utah.

Utah USA Location

Provo City is the third largest city in the state of Utah with a population of 112,488 residents (2010).

About Provo City

Provo was first settled in 1849 and was called Fort Utah. The city is home to Brigham Young University and about 90% of the residents are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The city has over 40 parks and offers many recreational and cultural activities. Once a year the America's Freedom Festival is held at Provo.

To See And To Do In Provo City

Historic Provo Walking Tour

Bridal Veil Falls

Museum of Peoples and Cultures

Provo Utah Temple

Provo Pioneer Museum & Pioneer Village

Museum of Mormon Mexican History

Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum

Museum of Art

Wasatch Mountains

Museum of Paleontology

Crandall Historical Printing Museum


America's Freedom Festival

Seven Peaks Waterpark

Provo Towne Centre

Riverwoods Shops


History Of Provo City

In 1776, Silvestre Vélez de Escalante and Fray Francisco Atanasio Dominguez from Spain was the first Europeans to explore the area. In 1825, the French-Canadian trapper Étienne Provost arrived to the region. In 1849, Provo was settled by Mormons and was called Fort Utah. In 1850, Fort Utah was renamed to Provo for Étienne Provost. Also in 1850, the first school house was built. In 1851, Brigham Young formed the administrative unit of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Utah Stake. In 1856, John Mills and his son Martin began the operation of a sawmill. In 1858, Brigham Young and other Mormons moved to Provo. In 1860, Provo Fourth Ward school house was built. In 1866, Provo Fourth Ward chapel and the telegraph line was built. In 1872, the Provo Woolen Mills opened and it was one of the larges factories in Utah. In 1873, the railroad was completed. In 1875, the Brigham Young Academy was established, today's Brigham Young University. In 1883, the construction of the Provo Tabernacle started and the first telephone service started. In 1890, the city had electricity.

In 1902, postal service started. In 1903, Provo General Hospital opened. In 1905, the Provo City Library at Academy Square was established. In 1919, the first Provo High School building opened. In 1925, Timpanogos Golf Course opened. In 1941, the Deer Creek Dam was completed. In 1945, the Academy Theater opened. In 1979, the computer oftware company, Novell, was established. In 1984, Nu Skin Enterprises was founded. In 2002, some of the 2002 Winter Olympics hockey games could be seen in the City.

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