Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City is located in the western part in the state of South Dakota.

South Dakota USA Location

Rapid City is the second largest city in the state of South Dakota with a population of 67,956 residents (2010).

About Rapid City

Gateway to the Black Hills. Star of the West. Tourism is a major portion of the Rapid City economy. Rapid City is perhaps best known for tourist attractions located near city services like the Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Crazy Horse Memorial. The city also has numerous art galleries, fashionable boutiques and a large amount of public sculpture.

To See And To Do In Rapid City

Crazy Horse Memorial

Mount Rushmore

Custer State Park

The Journey Museum And Gardens

Badlands National Park

Museum Of Geology

Dinosaur Park

Canyon Lake Park

Storybook Island Kids Park

Reptile Gardens

Art Alley

Dahl Arts Center

Dances with Wolves Film Set

Rushmore Mall

Bear Country USA

National Presidentital Wax Museum

South Dakota Air And Space Museum

History Of Rapid City

In 1874, gold was discovered and that brought a flow of settlers into the Black Hills. In 1876, a group of miners came to the area. They camped and did some exploring and decided to build a town. Out of a campfire Rapid City was born. conversationSoon other settlers followed and after about six month, more than 100 people were living in the town. People started business and began to sell supplies to miners. In 1878, the Rapid City Journal, the daily newspaper, was founded as the Black Hills Journal. In 1882, Rapid City was incorporated. In 1886, the first train arrived. In 1888, the first Weather Service Office in Rapid City opened.

In 1927, 400 workers began to create the four granite President-faces on the Mount Rushmore sculpture. Each day, for 14 years, they climbed 700 stairs to the top of the mountain to punch-in on the time clock. The sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln represent the first 130 years of the history of the United States. In 1936, the Dinosaur Park was built and in 1937, the Reptile Gardens was built. In 1941, the four granite faces on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial was completed. The same year, Ellsworth AFB was established as Rapid City Army Air Base. In 1966, Mount Rushmore was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1972, heavy rains caused massive flooding of Rapid Creek and more than 250 people were killed. In 1978, the new Central High School opened.

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