Warwick, Rhode Island

Warwick is located in the central-eastern part in the state of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island USA Location

Warwick is the second largest city in the state of Rhode Island with a population of 82,672 residents (2010).

About Warwick

The city provides a wide range of facilities for recreation and athletics. Warwick is popular among tourists for its colonial history and its location near beaches and saltwater bays. Warwick is listed as one of the safest city in the country when it comes to violent crime.

To See And To Do In Warwick

Warwick Heritage Trail

Warwick City Hall

John Waterman Arnold House

Aldrich Mansion

Warwick Neck Lighthouse

Rocky Point Amusement Park

Warwick Mall

Playing Golf

Conimicut Point Park

Morris Farm and Greenhouses

Salter Grove Memorial Park

History Of Warwick

In 1642, Warwick was founded by Samuel Gorton from England. Samuel Gorton, John Wickes and other followers of Gorton, bought the land from the Native Americans for 144 fathoms of traditional sacred shell beads for what was known as The Shawhomett Purchase. The site was called Shawhomett. In 1648, Warwick was granted a charter by Robert Rich, Earle of Warwicke. The name of the settlement was changed from Shawhomett to Warwick. In 1651, Samuel Gorton was elected first President of the towns of Providence and Warwick. In 1675, John Wickes, an original purchaser of Warwick, was killed by the Indians at Warwick. In 1677, Samuel Gorton died and was buried in Warwick behind a home off Warwick Neck Road. In 1772, Merchants and mariners from Providence and people from in Warwick, attacked, board and set fire to the stranded British ship, the Gaspee. In 1786, the John Waterman Arnold House was built. Today home of the Warwick Historical Society.

In 1827, the Warwick Neck Lighthouse was completed. In 1847, the Rocky Point Amusement Park opened. In 1888, the construction of Warwick Town Hall was completed. In 1896, the Aldrich Mansion was built. In 1900, there were 21,316 people living in Warwick. In 1921, the first permanent police force in the city was established. In 1931, Warwick was incorporated as a city. In 1956, the first permanent fire department in the city was established. In 1964, the Warwick Public Library opened. In 1969, a fire destroyed the Apponaug Mill complex. At the time there were 33 businesses in the complex. In 2006, the actor James Woods younger brother, Michael Jeffrey Woods, died from cardiac arrest at the age of 49. James Woods sued Kent Hospital in Warwick, alleging negligence. The suit was settled in 2009.

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