Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is located in the south-eastern part in the state of Ohio.

Ohio USA Location

Cincinnati is the third largest city in the state of Ohio with a population of 296,943 residents (2010).

About Cincinnati

The Queen City. Cincinnati is located north of the Ohio River at the Ohio-Kentucky border, near Indiana. The city is part of a fast-growing metro area. Cincinnati was one of the United States early boomtowns, and the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is the largest National Historic District in the country. Cincinnati has been a pioneer city in many respects.

To See And To Do In Cincinnati

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge

Cincinnati Art Museum

Fountain Square

Queen City Underground Tours

Plum Street Temple

Cincinnati Observatory Center

Carew Tower & Observation Deck

Pendleton Art Center

Taft Museum of Art

William Howard Taft National Historic Site

American Classical Music Hall of Fame

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Contemporary Arts Center

Holy Cross-Immaculata Catholic Church

Saint Peter in Chains Cathedral

Eden Park

Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park

Cincinnati Brewery District Lager Tours

Findlay Market

Tower Place Mall

History Of Cincinnati

In 1788, Cincinnati was settled and the area was named Losantiville. In 1789, Fort Washington was built to protect the settlers. In 1790 and 1791, the local Indians attacked and tried to destroy the settlement but they failed. In 1792, there were thirty warehouses in Cincinnati. In 1794, more settlers came to the village. Many of them started a business. There was a butcher, a hairdresser, a chair manufacturer, a brewer and a spinning wheel manufacturer.

In 1800, 850 people lived in the village. In 1802, Cincinnati was chartered as a village. In 1819, it was incorporated as a city. In 1832, William Procter came to the city. Five years later he founded the Procter & Gamble Company. In 1835, Cincinnati was the country's chief hog packing center and herds of pigs traveled the streets. In 1837, William Procter and James Gamble founded the Procter & Gamble Company. In 1850, a Jewish Hospital was establish. In 1853, first municipal fire department in USA was established in Cincinnati. In 1867 the Cincinnati Red Stockings was established. In 1869, the team became the world's first professional baseball team. In 1870, became the first city in the U.S. to establish a municipal university, the University of Cincinnati. In 1884, the Cincinnati Courthouse Riots took place. A jury had return a verdict of manslaughter in a clear case of murder. Thousands of citizens stormed the county jail and set the Courthouse on fire and tried to find and lynch the perpetrators. 45 people died and 125 people were injured.

In 1900, about 325,000 people lived in the city. In 1935, major league baseball's first night game was played at Crosley Field in Cincinnati. Crosley Field was a Major League Baseball park. In 1952, the first heart-lung machine makes open heart surgery possible. It was developed at Children's Hospital Medical Center. In 1954, WCET-TV was the first licensed public television station. In 2000, the Paul Brown Stadium opened.

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