New Jersey

Located in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States.

New Jersey USA Location

Total Population: 8,8 Million Residents

Capital City: Trenton

Largest Cities:
Newark: 277,140
Jersey City: 247,597
Paterson: 146,199

Bordering States - Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania

Some Famous People From New Jersey

Grover Cleveland - The 22nd And 24th President Of The United States. Born In Caldwel

Kirsten Dunst - Actress From Point Pleasant

Jerry Lewis - Comedian From Newark

Jon Bon Jovi - Musician And Actor From Perth Amboy

William "Bud" Abbott - Comedian From Asbury Park

Lou Costello - Comedian From Paterson

David Copperfield - Illusionist From Metuchen

Whitney Houston - Singer And Actress From Newark

Dionne Warwick - Musician From East Orange

James Gandolfini - Actor From Westwood

Sarah Vaughan - Jazz Singer From Newark

John Travolta - Actor From Englewood

Meryl Streep - Actress From Summit

Bruce Springsteen - Singer/Songwriter From Freehold

Kevin Spacey - Actor From South Orange

Frank Sinatra - Singer From Hoboken

Queen Latifah - Singer, Rapper, And Actress From Newark

Raymond Liotta - Actor From Newark

Paul Simon - Singer/Songwriter From Newark Heights

Roy Scheider - Actor From Orange

Jason Alexander - Actor From Newark

Danny DeVito - Actor From Neptune Township

Donald Fagen - Musician From Passaic

Count Basie - Musician From Red Bank

Steve Forbes - Editor, Publisher, And Businessman From Morristown

Joe Pesci - Actor From Newark

Michael Douglas - Actor From New Brunswick

Jack Nicholson - Actor From Neptune

Recommended Places To See In New Jersey

Edison National Historic Site - West Orange

Walt Whitman House - Camden

The New Jersey State Aquarium - Camden

Tuckerton Seaport - Tuckerton

History Of New Jersey

One of the original 13 colonies, New Jersey was an important battleground during the American Revolution. Europeans began to travel to the aria in1524. The New Jersey region came under the control of the Swedes and the Dutch. The colony New Sweden where founded in 1638. New Jersey became the third state to ratify the United States Constitution in 1787. New Jersey was named for the island of Jersey in the English Channel. In the 19th century, the state led the nation into the industrial revolution. Today New Jersey is a leading producer of cranberries, blueberries and tomatoes.

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