Located in the Midwestern of the United States.

Nebraska USA Location

Total Population: 1,8 Million Residents

Capital City: Lincoln

Largest Cities:
Omaha: 408,958
Lincoln: 258,379
Bellevue: 50,137

Some Famous People From Nebraska

Gerald Rudolph Ford - The 38th President of the United States. Born in Omaha

Henry Fonda - Actor From Grand Island

Fred Astaire - Actor, Dancer, And Singer From Omaha

Marlon Brando - Actor From Omaha

Neal Hefti - Jazz Trumpeter And Composer From Hastings

Dick Cheney - White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense and Vice President. Born in Lincoln

Warren Buffett - Businessman, Investor, And Philanthropist From Omaha

James Coburn - Actor From Laurel

Malcolm X - Civil Rights Advocate From Omaha

Hilary Swank - Actress From Lincoln

Nick Nolte - Actor From Omaha

Recommended Places To See In Nebraska

Great Platte River Road Archway Monument - Kearney

Carhenge - Alliance

Strategic Air and Space Museum - Ashland

Museum of the Fur Trade - Chadron

History Of Nebraska

Nebraska was admitted to the union as the 37th state on March 1, 1867. That was two years after the end of the American Civil War. Prior to its statehood, the Nebraska Territory had been sparsely settled but saw growth during the California Gold Rush in 1848, with a larger wave of settlers arriving as homesteaders in the 1860s. Although the territorial capital of Nebraska was Omaha, when it achieved statehood the seat of government was moved to Lancaster, which was later renamed Lincoln after President Abraham Lincoln, who had recently been assassinated. Nebraska. contains some of the nation's best ranchland and farmland.

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