Located in the Western United States.

Montana USA Location

Total Population: 1 Million Residents

Capital City: Helena

Largest Cities:
Billings: 104,170
Missoula: 66,788
Great Falls: 58,505

Bordering States - Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming

Some Famous People From Montana

Gary Cooper - Actor From Helena

David Lynch - Filmmaker From Missoula

Dorothy Baker - Author From Missoula

Calamity Jane - Frontiers Woman And Scout From Princeton

Martha Raye - Actress And Singer From Butte

Recommended Places To See In Montana

World Museum of Mining - Butte

Museum of the Rockies - Bozeman

Ninepipes Museum of Early Montana - Ronan

History Of Montana

In 1803 - United States acquired most of Montana in the Louisiana Purchase. St. Mary's Mission was the first permanent white settlement in Montana. The mission church was originally built in 1841 as Montana's first permanent settlement the current structure was built in 1866. Montana is home to the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, which memorializes the historic 1876 battle between the Sioux tribe and U.S. Army. Yellowstone National Park in southern Montana was the first national park established in the United States.

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