Located in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States.

Idaho USA Location

Total Population: 1,6 Million Residents

Capital City: Boise City

Largest Cities:
Boise City: 205,671
Nampa: 81,557
Meridian: 75,092

Bordering States - Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Some Famous People From Idaho

Sarah Palin - Politician From Sandpoint

Marilynne Robinson - Novelist, Essayist And Pulitzer Prize Winner From Sandpoint

Lana Turner - Actress From Wallace

Lillian Disney - Wife of Walt Disney From Spalding

Mark Felt - FBI (Nickname: Deep Throat) From Twin Falls

Curtis Stigers - Musician From Boise City

History Of Idaho

Idaho was the last of the 50 states explored by people of European descent. The Lewis and Clark expedition entered present-day Idaho on August 12, 1805, at Lemhi Pass. At that time, approximately 8,000 Native Americans lived in the region. Mormon missionaries founded Fort Lemhi in 1855. In the late 19th and early 20th century English immigrants settled in what is now the state of Idaho. Chinese made up 33 percent of Idaho's population in the 1880s. They came to work on the railroad. On March 4, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed an act creating Idaho Territory from portions of Washington Territory and Dakota Territory. The original Idaho Territory included most of the areas that later became the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Idaho Territory assumed the boundaries of the modern state in 1868 and was admitted as a state in 1890.

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