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All content is written by me, Hanks Somecotton. All pages has unique content and nothing has been copied from books or from other sites on the Internet. However, I can't deny, of course, that some of the facts, for example about the states and the cities population, are taken from books and from other web sites. I have always tried to double check the scourses so that such facts are accurate. When you write about history you have to trust the history books. You have to trust that the year, the place, what happened and so fort, are correct.

All the pages on this web site are built by me. I am not a web designer (as many of you can see) but you can actually educate yourself and learn much about how to make a web site by just reading books and by reading things on If you are interested in finding people, interested in The United States and its history, feel free to surf around on my web site.

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