Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon is located in the northwestern corner of the state of Arizona in Coconino County.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, a powerful and inspiring landscape in Arizona, is the world's most famous canyon. Carved by the Colorado River, it is a very deep and colorful valley that winds its way between high rock walls. In 1900, tourism started to be a big income source for the people who lived in the Grand Canyon area. The railway brought tourists who wanted to see the sun rising and follow the many hiking trails down to the bottom of the valley, and to become awestruck of the gorges ridges and rock. Grand Canyon National Park became an official national park in 1919 and is the 15th oldest national park in USA.

Today the deep valley has grown to be one of the world's most popular vacation destinations. About five million people comes to Grand Canyon each year. The Grand Canyon Village, a full-service community located on the South Rim, 80 miles northwest of Flagstaff, has hotels, food, souvenirs, helicopter tours, and access to trails and guided walks. Lodging facilities are available inside the park but be sure to make reservations as far ahead as possible.

The First Grand Canyon Visitors

Evidence shows that there were human presence (Paleo-Indians) in the area 10,500 years ago. 2500 - 3000 B.C, Ancient Pueblo peoples, a Native American culture, lived in the Grand Canyon area in apartment-like complexes and structures, carved into the sides of canyon walls. More than 2,000 ruins/homes have been found were the Ancient Pueblo people lived.

In 1540, the first Europeans, a small group of Spanish soldiers, explored the area and searched for the "Seven Cities of Gold". They had heard stories that there was a province by that name with great and limitless gold and other riches. They were soon forced to leave because of lack of water, and later they discovered that the stories were lies. In 1869, Major John Wesley Powell, a Civil War veteran, and nine other men made the first journey ever with boats through the canyon on the Colorado River. Many expeditions followed and later the tourism greatly increased.

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