How To Search For A Person By Name

One of the most obvious ways to locate a person is by using his or her name. However, there are times when using these pieces of information would not suffice. For example, if the woman that you were looking for got married, there would be a legally accepted change in her last name. This will make your search a lot difficult. In addition, if the person that you were looking for was adopted, he or she might not be using his or her birth name. Whatever the case, you should realize that knowing the name of the person is already an important thing. You just need to know how to use this data.

This article will help you understand some suggestions on how to do people search by name. You would also see how you can make the most out of this information when locating a person.

Search For A Person By Name

1. Use both the first and the last name - Although this might not lead you directly to the location of the person you are looking for, it would be wise to start your search using what you have. This would also be a very helpful suggestion to do if you know that the name of the person is not very common. You would also increase your chances of locating the person if there are not legal changes done in the last name.

2. Use the maiden name - If you are 100% sure that the first and last name in your notes is your target's maiden name, you should start your search in marriage information hubs. In these websites, you will be able to find the name of the person before they were married. You might also want to check out some divorce information hubs just in case the marriage failed.

3. Use the alias - If you were unsure whether the name that you have is the recorded name or an alias, you can try to use as an alias. Besides, you can still do people search by name using just the aliases. However, you would need to have other information about the person. Using aliases might end up with a lot of possible matches. To further narrow down this list, use other pieces of information.

4. Use the name on specific searches - Try to do a background check first so that you will have a better chance of locating this person. You can further specify your searches if you know other information about the person you are looking for. For example, if you know that he or she has land properties, you should start a property search using the name that you have. If there might be a chance that this person is in jail, search the name in the records of your local correctional facility. If the person has a professional licence in handling drugs, you may found that person using the DEA licence registrations. Whatever the case is, you can narrow down your people search by name if you know where to do your searches.

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