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The Best Online Services

Most of us have someone we would like to contact in some way. It can be an old friend from school or a family member or a neighboor or a baby sitter we would like to get information about. Today there are hundreds of online services for this but how do you know which service to use? Our intrepid editors tested dozens of services to find the best people finders.

For every service we tested, we searched for people whose current address and phone number we already knew. This allowed us to easily verify the accuracy of all results. We searched for people of all ages and with different backgrounds. We were surprised at what we found.

The vast majority of online "people search" services simply don't deliver the information they promise. In almost all cases, the results sold to us were outdated, incorrect, or freely available in the local white pages! All of this despite widely advertised claims of current addresses and phone numbers.

Fortunately, we were able to find a few web sites with correct information. No matter who we searched for, these sites consistently provided up-to-date background checks and other information. If you need to for example find someone on the social networks or check someone's background, use these online search services.

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